How Mary Lambert Made Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder More “Readable”

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musician Mary Lambert shares his struggle with bipolar disorder in the most recent stage of Going there with Dr. Mike.

The Grammy Award-nominated singer spoke with Dr. Mike Friedman talks about how he experienced both manic episodes – where he seemed overly happy, energized or grandiose – and depressive episodes where he wasn’t energetic and couldn’t do even the main tasks. These episodes always felt irrelevant, leaving her feeling hidden in a biological process over which she had no control.

Lambert explains that during his manic episode, he felt the danger of suicide because even though he seemed to feel at the top of the world, he was actually not good at himself. The resulting risky combination of feeling genuine and enthusiastic but not feeling good about oneself leaves one at risk for suicidal thinking and behavior.

The singer-songwriter, who recently debuted her voice on Netflix The Arlo Boy Alligator, a longtime mental health activist. Talking to Dr. Mike, he explains that he tries to “read” mental health – that is, more clearly understand – to reduce the stigma of mental illness. When we struggle with mental illness, we don’t always know what we are feeling, thinking, or doing, or why these experiences are happening. That’s why it’s important for us to be curious rather than critical of our experiences. We need to focus on understanding our mental health rather than being ashamed and judging ourselves so that we can help ourselves cope and be able to.

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