How Nick Cannon Responded to Losing Jamie Foxx on Beat Shazam

Nick Cannon holding the fort between Jamie Foxxloss of

the Wild ‘N Out star began to fill such a host of Defeated Shazam season six on May 23 while the Oscar the winner is recovering from an undisclosed health issue.

During the premiere episode, Nick took a moment to answer his replacement role.

“Welcome to Defeated Shazam,” he told viewers. “Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘That’s not Jamie Foxx.’ And you are absolutely right. I’m actually Nick Cannon, and I’m honored that Jamie asked me to fill in for him. So make no mistake, this is Jamie Foxx’s house.”

Noting that Jamie hosted the game show for five seasons and gave out nearly $12 million to contestants, the 42-year-old said he’ll do his “best to survive Jamie’s. Defeated Shazam heritage.”

And Nick wasn’t the only one helping out this time. the Masked Singer emcee also shared this Kelly Osbourne served as Defeated Shazam DJ while Corinne Foxx “spending father-daughter time with Jamie.”

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