How Pete Davidson’s Fever Dream Life Inspired Peacock’s Bupkis

According to Bupkis showrunner Judah Miller (American Dad!, crashes), the adaptation challenge Pete DavidsonDavidson’s life for Peacock’s semi-autobiographical comedy is matched by Davidson’s ambition. “He’s a dreamer and he thinks big,” the writer/producer said RESULTS. “And I think that’s part of what’s incredible about working with him on this, is that he’s aiming for the sky and then we hit these targets, even though we were told it was impossible.”

Thus, while the series may have initially been billed as a Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque look at SNL alum’s existence, Larry David has never devoted an entire episode to a more obvious homage to Fasting & Anger saga — just one of the blockbuster-scale ideas included in the show’s first season.

“A lot of the things we do on this show are very ambitious, and I think we’ve just been lucky a lot of times, where we’ve been able to do things that people say are impossible,” Miller said. “Like, because of the production of our show, so we get a car chase sequence and it looks and feels like Fast and Furious as it turned out to be incredibly ambitious. And then, to get music and get some of the actors that we got, I feel like it’s part of Pete’s, you know…”

Miller trails off there, but “Pete’s, you know…” feels like an excellent way to describe the way Davidson operates in the world, the reality of which is an integral part of Bupkis viewing experience. Below, Miller explains how he got involved Bupkissome of the shows epic cameos together, and whether Davidson has any rules about what can or can’t be explored on the show.

I want to start by asking how you first got involved in Pete’s world.

I first met Pete at the movie The King of Staten Island — I worked with Judd Apatow for a long time and was very lucky to work on the movie, and Pete and I and Dave Sirus [the film’s other co-writer] everything just gravitated towards each other; we became close immediately, because we are both comics.

During the pandemic, that very surreal time in the world, I was at my house, like everyone else, and I got a text from Pete saying, “Hey, do you want to write a show with me ?” And we just started writing episodes of this show, you know, not knowing where it’s going to go… , which is great.

Bupkis (Peacock)

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