How Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Lived Like Royalty

Muick and Sandy’s reign at Windsor continues.

In the months since Queen Elizabeth IIWhen September died, her corgis were doing well with her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. But despite their new home, the dogs are still the same somewhat devoted to their late owner.

“I think they are exceptional and they’re just very funny,” Sarah recently shared with AND! news “I think, I’m sure, if they’re chasing the wind, I think they’re looking at him. That’s what I like to think. The squirrels aren’t visible but they’re still barking at something, so I think he can.”

And that’s not the only reminder of their time at Windsor Castle.

“They have the Queen, crown dog beds and everything,” explains Sarah, who also shares five Norfolk terriers with Andrew. Good morning Britain April 20. “It’s from the castle.”

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