How Sadie Robertson Learned to Understand the “Awful” Parts of Parenting

So, yes, they have plans to expand their little hive.

“One day we’ll say four kids, one day we’ll say three,” she admits, adding that adoption is definitely their future. His parents Korea and Willie Robertson welcomes three biological children – Sadie, Bella and Juan Lukas—While adopting a daughter Rebecca and sons Carry On and Rowdy, Sadie recounts, “And I just saw the beauty of it, what a mixed family looks like from adoption.”

For now, however, they enjoy every ounce of pleasure their little Honey brings.

“Oh gosh, I’m like,‘ Keep it small forever! ’” He gush at the growing woman. “I just love it. Honestly, he’s just starting to hold his bottle and I’m proud. It’s just the little miles and everyday things that make me proud and even more. happy to be her mom. ”

Even if one is sweeter: “He’s been smiling all the time and he’s starting to laugh and it’s the best time,” Sadie says. “I look forward to it every time I’m with him, just to see him smile or try to make him laugh. We’re having a great time right now.”

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