How Skyline Festival Won Through Los Angeles’ Historic Blizzard Warning

The festival was poorly delivered, but Insomniac played its cards well.

In this year Skyline Festivalravers don’t wait for the storm to pass.

They are, in fact, dancing in the rain. The event occurred that coincided with arecord-setting hurricane in Los Angeles. And even though Skyline’s terms and conditions say “rain or shine,” no one can overlook the historic city. blizzard warning when the dates and new location of the festival were announced months ago.

Over the weekend of the festival, snow dusted the Hollywood sign, power outages swept the county and roads were flooded. As the festival approaches, many are unsure if Insomniac Events will finally cancel the techno and house music festival.

But hey, the show goes on. The company Office has partnered that they provide free ponchos, cover dancefloors with plastic flooring and allow small umbrellas. They also encourage ravers to wear warm and waterproof clothing.

While Skyline’s first day was stormy and not perfect, it served as a bonding experience for the Southern California attendees. Bad weather forces everyone to be flexible. Insomniac had to delay the start of Skyline by an hour, update the festival’s set times, and they even had to close the West Side stage until 7 p.m.

Despite the obstacles caused by the weather, Skyline prevailed. When the West Side stage opened Saturday night, everything went smoothly.

Dance music superstars Michael Bibi, Peggy Gou, MEDUZA and Dom Dolla closed the night, bringing the best of house and techno grooves to Skyline’s sodden dancefloors. The unique, geometric neon lighting and festival designs give the space an urban, underground feel.

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The second day came with better luck. The rain stopped, the sun set and the party continued.

The doors opened on time, both stages started without a problem and set the schedule times. While there was some residual mud and light rain after the night, Sunday was a great success. The lineup is stacked with Shiba San b2b Solardo, J. Worra b2b Miane, Charlotte de Witte and Diplo, who provide the perfect sounds for everyone to dance the night away.

The pouring rain brought the crowd closer together. Dancing in rain boots, winter coats, ponchos and umbrellas is bad, but it’s human and funny. Many Skyline attendees took to Twitter to shed light on the circumstances.

Skyline did nothing, but Insomniac played its cards well. The festival is fun, adventurous and somewhat miraculous.

After all, isn’t dancing in the rain one of the most pleasurable experiences we can have in life?

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