How to Change the Original Season 12 Plan of The Walking Dead

Previously, The Walking Dead had plans to continue the adaptation of comic books as possible in season 12. Why did the plans change?

How and why The Walking DeadPlans for season 12 change over the years? Launched in October 2010, AMC’s The Walking Dead translates Robert Kirkman’s comic books into a stunning live-action setting. When its third season ended, The Walking Dead became a cable rating juggernaut, breaking records for entertainment and damaging the cultural consciousness of the mainstream. 10 years and 2 spinoffs later, the The Walking Dead The franchise finds itself in a very different place, but before a new era begins, the existing must end. The Walking Dead season 11 marks the final run of the main show, ending 12 years of beating, beheading and barely audible murmuring.


Although The Walking Dead season 12 didn’t happen, that’s not always the case. In the “Letter Hacks” section of issue #161 of 2016, Robert Kirkman was asked about AMC’s future The Walking Dead TV show regarding his comics. The writer replied, “It took us 6 seasons to get there [issue] 100, we won’t take 6 years to reach 200 and that will take us to season… TWO. And we’ll be ahead of the show at that point.“While Kirkman’s response is certainly not confirmation that everyone behind the scenes is relying The Walking Dead coming season 12, the quote at least proves that he and AMC are enjoying the possibility. Recently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Deadby Negan) confirmed season 11 not the intended end-point. So why The Walking DeadThe designs of season 12 never happened?

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One potential cause is the sudden cessation of surprise The Walking Deadcomic series. by Robert Kirkman “less than 6 years to reach 200“The comment suggests that, at the time, he was considering a double century with Rick Grimes. In July 2019, however, the last issue (#193) of The Walking Dead released without fanfare or warning. In a letter to fans, Kirkman explained how he originally planned to write up to issue #300, but he knew he didn’t have enough material. the The Walking Dead The creator is also described as trying to expand his story, before finally giving up and choosing to make The Commonwealth arc in its final stance. If Kirkman was talking about issue #200 and season 12 of 2016, then, he might still be thinking of continuing Rick’s story. Or maybe he knows the end is near, but wants to keep the veil of secrecy going on until the release of #193. Either way, the 12-season run has always been tight with no 200 issues to get.

Ross Marquand and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7

In the upcoming CRM and fast zombie story lines, The Walking Dead acts beyond the limitations of the source material, meaning that an early end to the comic may not be the only factor The Walking Dead never made that mooted twelfth season. Inevitably, ratings have to play their part. If Kirkman’s comments were made in 2016, The Walking Dead is in his seventh season, at the height of his power. However, a decline has emerged, and the numbers have declined sharply each season. the The Walking Dead still pulling double-digit ratings in seasons 10 and 11, a season 12 would have been accomplished. And if the AMC is already looking at watching the zombie with concern, the arrival of a real pandemic may be obscured. The Walking Deadthe fate.

There is also the loss of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes to think. Leaving early The Walking Dead season 9, the zombie apocalypse goes on bravely without the original lead, but like most TV movies they have lost their star (The office, Two and a Half Men, etc.), its days are felt to be numbered. That season 12 dreams are still gone.

perhaps The Walking DeadSeason 12 change plans have more to do with audience viewing habits and shifting business models. The lack of comic books, declining ratings, and departed actors are all playing their part in bringing The Walking Dead in an early shutdown, but the number of spinoffs and movies in the pipeline – as well as the setup for place future story lines – suggest AMC values The Walking Dead more as a multi-platform brand than the traditional “main show plus spinoffs” format. As streaming increases, the MCU, Star Trek, Star Wars and many more are heading in that direction. The Walking Dead will probably join that respected club soon.

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