How To Choose The Best Belly Band Holster For Your Pistol

A belly band holster allows you to carry your gun without the traditional gun holster, thus eliminating the need for a gun holster or gun belt, and eliminating the possibility of accidental shooting of yourself or others. If you’re wondering if they are safe, they are. Manufacturers have gone a long way toward making them safe. The main concern is often how a person will wear them safely.

The first issue is how they are worn. Modular belly band holsters typically only allow you to wear a cover garment that covers the waist area. This is very convenient, but the cover garment must be breathable and allow some breathing space in case of a gas leak. This is typically a shirt or sweatshirt, or similar item. There may also be an option to wear a full-length or half-length cover garment beneath the modular belt, allowing easy access to your handgun. This choice varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so shop around to find the one that will work best for you.

Some modern designers have designed the belly band holster to be worn without a belt, using a pocket located at the top of the hips. This allows for easier movement around the waist and easier access to your handgun. The drawback to this design is the lack of added protection, as the pocket is not designed to withstand the stress of carrying a gun long distances. Likewise, belts are becoming increasingly popular with handgun owners who don’t want to deal with the possibility of their gun being misplaced. Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal needs and what you’re comfortable carrying.

Another option for those who prefer to wear holsters instead of a traditional belt is to use belly band holsters. These designs fit under your pants and are typically made of soft fabric or leather, allowing for easy carry. They can also be worn as regular pants, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to move freely while carrying your firearm. Some holsters use a cross design, allowing you to wear your gun lower to the ground. This allows for easier access to the firearm when you need it, which can also come in handy if you are working in an area where it may be prohibited to possess a firearm.

If you choose to wear belly band holsters instead of carrying yoga pants, you can still use your standard belt to carry other items. An example would be if you were working in an outdoor environment, such as an outdoor factory or garage. An airsoft gun belt, for instance, would be ideal for these areas. You could wear them under your clothes, too, just in case you need to take a quick shot in the air. The gun belt is usually a cross design, with a large amount of space between the gun itself and the belt buckle, allowing you easy access when you need it.

For people who prefer to keep their weapon hidden, there is still a viable option when choosing how to wear a belly band holster. There are several custom-made holsters designed specifically for those who want to have a comfortable, even concealed carrying position. These holsters are not like your typical backpack or pocket that you would carry a handgun in, instead they offer a low profile solution for those who are not comfortable having their weapon out in public. Although most people who carry these concealment devices use them for self-defense, some also use them for comfort and a low visibility look.

Some people choose to use a small butt strap rather than a full-size belt holster, or vice versa. This can make them feel more confident and at ease because it lessens the chances of accidentally shooting themselves in the stomach. This can also make them more comfortable if they were to ever be in a situation where they needed to pull out their weapon, thus protecting them from any possible injury. The problem with these holsters however, is that they can be difficult to remove should the need arise. Some experts suggest that you use either a small butt strap or a butt plate to help keep the holster in place and keep it from moving around on your belt or backpack when you are ready to take it out. There are also several full size butt pads available that attach to your regular belt and can be removed and attached when necessary, allowing you the opportunity to change your position.

In general, the design of belly band holsters has evolved to make them more durable and versatile. While they still work well for many applications, there are many more unique styles and options available. I recommend that you look into the various options available so that you are better equipped to choose a style that fits your needs best. The best advice however, is to simply test them out at the range. If it works for you, then it’s perfect, if not you can always try another option.

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