How to Compare the MYX II Bike to the Peloton: An Honest Review

Aside from the lower price, what else makes me love the MYX II more than the Peloton? There are many reasons, but I will highlight just a few.

There’s something about the overall feel of the MYX II bike that’s more personal. The swivel screen makes it easy to do off-bike exercises, which is an issue I have with the Peloton. I try to do burpees or other exercise movements and ride a bike in the process. In addition, the MYX II offers adjustments to handlebar height and depth and a larger pedal diameter — all things that can make a difference for someone like me who is on the shorter side. Plus, the bike comes in white and black to fit inside your home gym, closet or corner of the house dedicated to fitness.

However, the coolest part in my opinion is that there is a different coach and music volume controls, which the Peloton doesn’t. Some days you want to feel like you’re in a bootcamp and your instructor is your ear telling you how well you’ve done or to raise resistance; but sometimes you want to get lost in the playlist and focus less on the trainer’s commands.

While I miss some of the Peloton coaches, I love the lineup of trainers at MYXfitness. They are fun, inspiring and know how to help you break a sweat in an engaging way. In addition, classes can be streamed in an app, so you can do trainer-led walking, running and pilates sessions while walking.

I could go on and on all the other ways The MYX II Bike hit it off from the fitness arena park, but I’ll let you do your own research. At the end of the day, the way you sweat is up to you. But in 2022 just a few days away, I suggest treating yourself to The MYX Bike II because those abs and toned legs can’t happen on their own!

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