How to Earn World Tier Rewards with Outriders

Outriders are out of the world, third person shooters expected by players. This is how players earn world tier rewards.

This instruction is based on the demo version of the game. How to unlock the Tiers of the World of Outriders contains updated information in accordance with the retail release.

People Can Fly is very narrow about their latest upcoming game, Outriders With the release of the game’s demo, preorders for the game have skyrocketed and expectations have tightened for the game’s official release. While playing the demo, there were a few things we noticed that could be a little tricky for more new players.

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Getting the World Tier Reward is essential to Outriders. This is a way for players to get better weapons, sources, and armor to finish the game. The system for these rewards means that the quality of the reward starts to match (and increase) the difficulty of the game. However, it’s not entirely clear right away how to claim these terrible rewards. Players trying out the demo and want to know how to get these things to the right place!

How to Earn World Tier Rewards with Outriders

Claiming world tier rewards is only available once players are in control. level up their world tier. Once a player’s tier rises to the next level, players can unlock rewards for completing the previous world tier. Players can level up their tiers by defeating enemies, completing quests, and just playing the game. Of course, when players reach the next tier, they want to take away the prizes from the previous tier.

Getting the rewards can prove to be a bit challenging. It is not immediately clear how these rewards will be obtained. However, we have a way to help.

To get rewards from the previous tier, open the Game Menu. In the menu is an option to select the players of the tier of the world you want to collect. Hover that over the world tier and hold down the claim button. And that’s it! Players should earn rewards simply by doing so.

Once the item is acquired, players must add these items to their inventory in order to use it. Players can go to their inventory to see what items have been received and they can be equipped if players choose.

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Outriders comes to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on April 1, 2021.

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