How to Find and Develop Feebas in Pokémon GO

Milotic is one of the best Water classes in Pokémon GO, but it’s harder to get than other Pokémon. Here’s how one progressed from weak Feebas.

The Milotic, the elegant sea snake from Hoenn, is one of the most powerful Water types in Pokémon GO. Coming from the third generation in the series, many champions and strong coaches have one on their team. Their beauty is a source of inspiration to countless artists; they are shown in many works of art for this reason. Its angelic appearance calms those who encounter it, overcoming any unpleasant emotions.

The progression of Feebas to Milotic is fairly straightforward; however, it may take players a long time to achieve evolution. Feebas is similar to Magikarp, but doesn’t require 400 candies to thrive. However, players must make this their Buddy Pokémon and walk fair. In addition, it also takes 100 Feebas candy for it to be Milotic.


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This Water-type can get good hits thanks to its worthy defenses. Many trainers like to use it strong Pokémon for their gym defenses, but it is difficult to obtain. In fact, Milotic cannot be found anywhere in the wild and has to evolve from its pre-evolution, the Feebas. Just like how the weak Magikarp evolved into strong Gyarados, the weak Feebas became beautiful Milotic. Let’s take a look at how to find and improve it

Progress from Feebas to Milotic in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Milotic

As one might expect, Feebas ’Water-typing means it can be found near waters: rivers, lakes, oceans, your name. Rainy weather can also influence their appearance, so be sure to look for them while it’s raining. Unfortunately, Feebas are unique Pokémon, so they are hard to show even if the right conditions are met. Use incense in Pokémon GO increases spawn rates to help them show up in the wild, but there is another way to get one. They are one of the most likely to hatch from 10-kilometer eggs, so spin as many Pokéstops as possible for a chance to get one. Sometimes they show up as attack bosses, though not all the time, so watch out there as well.

Like many other Pokémon, Feebas evolve by using many of their individual candies: 100 candies to be exact, so capturing and releasing 25 is enough for evolution. These yields can be enhanced by using Pinap berries before they are caught and picking them will also provide more candies. However, there is another requirement for evolution: players must walk with their Feebas as a friend for 20 kilometers. This can take a while, so be sure to designate one as a friend so the distance is easily reached. They can see the progress they have made by checking the status screen and seeing where the ‘evolve’ option is listed. Walking friends inside Pokémon GO every now and then will provide more candy after a distance traveled, allowing players to collect it faster. Once the requirements are met, players can add the noble Milotic to their team.

That should be the focus Pokémon GO Players must walk with a specific Feebas if they want a high grade Milotic. For example, suppose players want a (high IV0 Milotic, they have to make a (high IV) Feebas a Buddy and walk 20 kilometers for it to thrive. Again.

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