How to Find The Creation Island Treasure

In God Of War, players must search for the treasure map on Creation Island in Iron Cove before finding the hidden buried treasure in Buri’s Storeroom.

on God of War, players want to find the treasure of Creation Island as one of 12 collectible treasures in the game. In addition to finding all the treasures to complete the set, the treasures of God of War all full of precious things. To find the treasure on Creation Island, players must first find the treasure map. In it, they will find a myth and image depicting the location of the treasure buried somewhere in the nine kingdoms.

Players can find the treasure map for the treasure of Creation Island God of War on the shores of Iron Cove, just south of the Isle of Death on the southwest shore of Lake of Nine. The treasure is only accessible during the low water. Players have to progress through main story of God of War until the water level drops continuously.


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Once Kratos lands on the shores of Iron Cove, he will encounter an enemy Fire Ancient. Players must defeat the enemy and follow the path to the south, and eventually they will find the treasure map for Creation Island treasure on the ground near some guns and boxes. The map is stored under the Goals tab in the treasure map category. The map has an image and a sign advising players to find a secret location on the island that honors Buri, first in the middle of gods of God of War.

Where to Find God of War Creation Island Treasure

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To discover the treasure of Creation Island God of War, Players must use the clues provided on the treasure map to get to Buri’s Storeroom, which is an island on the eastern side of Lake of the Nine, a short distance north of the Cliffs of the Raven. Players can easily access this location by using the mystic gateway of Volunder Mines when they unlock it. After using the mystic gateway, players have to go to the port and row their boat North until they reach Buri’s Storeroom. The first time players come to the island, they have to fight Several God of War enemies.

From Buri’s Storeroom, players have to go through the gate on the left near some stairs. They will keep going straight until they find the big gates in the distance. Near the end of the trail, players will see the buried Creation Island treasure. The treasure is buried towards the back of the island on the side near the large double door leading to Veithurgard. Players must identify this location from the clue in the image on their treasure map. While here, it may also be appropriate to collect the island’s legendary chests.

The wealth of Creation Island in God of War there is a Common Enchantment and an Eternal Frost, which can be used to enhance the unique properties of some Talisman. In addition, the treasure contains seven World Serpent Scale Fragments, five Aegir’s Gold, and a few. Hacksilver players can use the equipment upgrade God of War.

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God of War already available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will be available on PC on January 14, 2022.

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