How to Get Spore Blossoms (and For What It Is)

Spore Blossoms are beautiful Minecraft flowers that make beautiful nature decorations for ceiling blocks. To get one, players must find a Lush Cave.

Introduced during Part 2 of MinecraftThe extensive update to “Cave and Cliffs”, Spore Blossom is a large pink flower hanging from the ceiling of Lush Caves. The unique flower releases small green particles from its gold center that slowly drift off the ground or float well within a 22-block radius. Unfortunately, as pretty as it is, Spore Blossom within the present Minecraft update has nothing to do with any natural use other than the beautiful decoration of the ceiling.

Like any typical flower Minecraft, Spore Blossoms can be harvested by beating with a tool or without a hand. Spore Blossoms are no longer renewable, meaning they cannot be farmed elsewhere and only bloom once within their Lush Cave biomes. Players who want to have a large collection of flowers should venture into the many cave systems looking for them. In addition, Spore Blossoms can only be placed on the lower part of a solid Minecraft block, including Slabs or the lower part of a Stair block. Since the leaves are not considered solid, Spore Blossoms should not be placed under them. However, replacing a Leaf Block with a similar looking Moss Block will allow a flower to stick to the bottom.


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To meet Spore Blossoms, players must first find a biome in Lush Cave Minecraft. Lush Caves lay only beneath the surface of the Overworld but are able to create different elevations. In other words, players have to be careful to dig straight to find a cave system. There are two ways to find Lush Cave Minecraft. The first and most effective way is to look for Azalea Trees.

Where to Find Spore Blossom in Minecraft

Where to Find Spore Blossom in Minecraft

Azalea Trees are a unique species of tree Minecraft which usually form directly on top of a Lush Cave, making them a helpful indication of where to find a cave. Azaleas are distinguished by their yellow-green leaves dotted with small pink flowers. Hunting for Azalea Trees within the thick forest can be challenging. So, one way to choose to easily find one is to climb to a high point and use a Minecraft Spyglass or Optifine zoom to scan the area. After finding a tree, dig the Rooted Blocks under it to find the Lush Cave and the Spore Blossoms inside.

An alternative but less reliable way to find a Lush Cave is to look down at the caves from a cave or search inside existing underground mines for wandering. and blocks away. This glow can be Lichen or Lava, but there’s a good chance it’s the Glow Berries that will thrive within the Lush Caves.

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