How to Keep Legacies A Damon Tradition From The Vampire Diaries

Legacies is less connected to The Vampire Diaries but still finds a way to continue a sweet tradition that Damon and Alaric first started.

Even with its clearer relationship to the wider universe, Legacies Continuing a tradition that Damon first started The Vampire Diaries. In two spinoff shows on Vampire Diaries universe, Legacies is one that is less closely connected TVD, with a few characters crossing over, but most are recent or just visiting guests Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Also, while some of the main story lines carry characters with a long history in the universe, for the most part, Legacies alone.

However, Legacies finds ways to respect The Vampire Diaries and even The Originals throughout its three seasons and counting. The most famous is Legacies season 3 episode “Salvatore: The Musical!” who saw Salvatore School students wearing a musical telling the story of The Vampire Diaries. Other main characters from the previous series also appear on Legacies, such as when TVD villain Kai Parker (Chris Wood) returned for a memorable two -stage arc of Legacies season 2.

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but Legacies also included are less attractive threads from The Vampire Diaries to the spinoff and one of the most touching traces of its roots back to one of Damon Salvatore’s (Ian Somerhalder) favorite things. A recurring theme of Legacies Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) and his love of bourbon. In the early days, a nice bottle of bourbon was always to be found in his office, and he would always sip a tumbler on it after a hard day, sometimes drinking with friend Dorian Williams (Demetrius Bridges). on Legacies season 3, however, drinking bourbon together becomes a regular ritual for Alaric and Kaleb (Chris Lee), who becomes Alaric’s right hand man. This is a tradition that Damon and Alaric first shared on The Vampire Diaries, and there is some symbolism.

Even if they initially started out as hated enemies, their relationship developed that eventually became a tight bond. The Vampire Diaries as Damon and Alaric learned to trust each other. The thing they put together was an appreciation for bourbon, with their strange friendship made with many glasses of bourbon over the years – Alaric even earned the nickname ”Professor Bourbon“at one point. One of the most touching moments involved in Alaric’s”death“sa The Vampire Diaries season 3 when he is killed and begins his becoming an original Vampire. Damon gave him some bourbon and stayed with him until the bitter end. A few episodes later, Alaric actually dies (at least briefly), and long after that Damon continues to toast his dead friend with bourbon, even to prevent people from sitting in the chair. which Alaric always occupied at their favorite watering hole. .

Now, it’s a ritual that Alaric passes on to Caleb, who, despite being a technical student at the school, has become Alaric’s true friend. As such, bourbon bond is now a widespread theme Legacies, with it being explicitly mentioned several times in the second installment of Legacies season 4. Alaric reminded Kaleb what it means to share his duties as a defender at Salvatore School, saying, “That doesn’t just mean hiding and drinking my bourbon. This means we have to do things no one wants to do.

The premiere of season 4 reveals that Alaric met Kaleb when he was still a high school student, and took him to Salvatore School after Kaleb committed a vampiric murder, a memory Kaleb held back. The old vampire hunter Alaric may have killed Caleb immediately, seeing him as nothing but a monster. But Alaric’s views have changed over the years, many thanks to his friendship. Damon Salvatore sa The Vampire Diaries. Giving Caleb a second chance and eventually forming a bond of trust with each other shows how much impact Damon has had on Alaric’s life. Now that Damon is gone, Alaric continues his tradition of bourbon toast with Caleb Legacies a fitting way to honor his fallen friend.

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