How to Play Stranger Things Things Mod Among Us

The Crewmates completed the Upside Down tasks, and the Impostors took on the roles of Mind Flayer and Demogorgon in the Stranger Things Among Us mod.

It’s like crossover mods that bring famous characters on Between Us the universe as crew or Impostor is the next main trend, and a new mod opens up a portal from Skeld to Upside Down from Strange Things. the Strange Things mod for Between Us The Impostor is allowed to change one of the three monsters from Strange Things: the Mind Flayer, Demogorgon, and Demodogs. If others Between Us Cheats Role mods cause the Cheat to become overly powerful, the Strange things The mod may be the most packed alive to date. Crewmates can try to complete tasks, but more than likely they just have to run, hide, and try to stay alive to figure out who the monster is.

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Each of the three is a terrible change Strange Things Between Us The mod has new abilities for the Cheat that can be used in addition to the usual Kill and Sabotage abilities. Some of these allowed the Impostor to kill from anywhere on the map, while others allowed the Impostor to appear as their fellow ship running, running around the map, but actually holding back a lot of people. Fortunately, the crew is not completely powerless and can use Upside Down portals that appear around the map to easily get to tasks and avoid the Impostor. While this mod even guarantees an Impostor win, it’s fun to see how long the crew can survive against a powerful entity. Here’s how to play Strange things mod sa Between Us.

How to Play as the Mind Flayer, Demogorgon, and Demodogs Among Us

Crewmates are terrified of entering Skeld Upside Down in the Stranger Things Among Us mod

the Between Us Strange Things The Role Mod is programmed with @LooKuM / MRE with SSundee and his friends and is now not available for public download. Players may be lucky enough to go to a game that uses this mod by joining a server on which it is installed. Players can also constantly try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, due to its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for more use.

If a crew becomes an Impostor of Among Our New Non-Strangers mod, they have the option to change to Mind Flayer, Demogorgon, or Demodogs. Each creature has unique abilities to sabotage and kill co -workers, which can be seen below:

Flayer Mind Skills

  • Beware of Death: Mind Flayer gathers all the crew and the Impostor co-worker together at the top of the map and eats one crew out of control while everyone has to watch, freeze and no can to do anything against it.
  • crush: Mind Flayer punches the floor in a branch and grabs an unsuspecting co -worker, smashing it into the wheel. When the animation is over, the dead body of a crew member, complete with stab wounds, is left on the ground. Even if it is a technically dead body, it will not be allowed for crews to report.
  • Gabon: Mind Flayer creates a fog that surrounds the entire map and prevents the crew from seeing anything for 10 seconds.

The demogorgon chased a player through the Admin of Our Us

Demogorgon Abilities

  • shout: Demogorgon released its signature screaming sound and jumped on the crew’s screens, shocking them for a moment. When they are able to move again, the factors that bind all co-workers are reversed for a few seconds, making it even more difficult to move well.
  • Feed: Demogorgon can use its long tongue to reach anywhere on the map, pick up a co-worker, and eat them.

Demodog Competencies

  • Finding Down: Demodog creates idle copies of itself and selects a target from a list of co -worker colors. One of the copies of Demodog will attack the chosen fellow ship and drag them off the map to kill them, while the Impostor as Demodog can continue to move freely.

The Impostor can also be sabotage and is likely to be found Reactor, Doors, and Light sabotages are most severe when combined with these capabilities.

Among Us Emergency Meetings Called Animation

Unfortunately for co -workers, if any killing ability is used, there is there was no dead body for the crew to report. The only way for crews to stop attacks and vote out a suspected Impostor is to use the Emergency button. It’s also hard for the crew to know who the Impostor is when playing with Strange Things mod for Between Us, because there are many ways for the Impostor to kill as a Demodog or Mind Flayer while their sprite is running and is seen trying to survive alongside other co -workers. In many ways to develop an alibi, the Impostor can remain virtually unnoticed throughout the game, uselessly being with the Emergency Managers other than taking a few seconds break from the action.

As a typical Between Us game, the only way for the crew to win is to complete all the tasks before the Mind Flayer, Demogorgon, and Demodogs kill them all, or to find out who the Impostor is, calling an Emergency Meeting, and vote for them. It can be deceptive if not directly impossible to do, so players have to go to a match understanding to be as much alive as possible to make the Cheat for their win. Crewmates must take advantage of the portals around the map to quickly get to their tasks or avoid a Demogorgon or Demodog if they see one.

Players can see the Stranger Things mod used in a real Match match in the SSundee video below:

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Between Us available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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