How To Quickly Write Instagram Stories With A Sticker

Instagram Stories is a great way to share quick videos throughout the day. Learn how to add automatic captions so everyone can access them.

Captions are a very important access feature for any smartphone app. In the case of Instagram, adding captions to videos posted on Instagram Stories can be done using no more than one sticker.

Instagram first launched the Stories feature in August 2016, and since then, it has become one of the most popular features of the app. Of the estimated 1 billion active Instagram users, 500 million of them use Instagram Stories to share photos and short videos. Stories are a great way to share less important content that doesn’t necessarily fit into an entire Instagram timeline post, with all Instagram Stories uploads automatically ending in 24 hours. With ease of use and not requiring any long -term commitment to what is shared, Instagram also provides users with tons of effects and stickers to customize their posted Stories with almost endless possibilities.

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Of all the stickers available for Instagram Stories, the Captions sticker is one of the most important. It allows users to automatically add captions to any video they record in Instagram Stories, making the clip more accessible to viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or want to watch. watch videos without turning on their sound. After recording a video on Instagram Stories, tap the Stickers icon at the top of the screen (the one that looks like a smiling face). In the pop-up menu that appears, tap the ‘Captions’ sticker. Just like that, do it on Instagram automatic translation of any video language and make captions for it.

Instagram Stories Captions Can Be Customized and Edited

Editing options for automatic sticker in Instagram Stories captions

Like other Instagram Stories stickers, the caption sticker can be customized in a number of ways. Instagram has four animation styles for captions, users can change the color of the text, and captions can be set even when something looks appropriate – allowing Instagram to move, rotate , and zoom in / zoom out with virtually no restrictions.

More importantly, the captions themselves can be edited if Instagram’s automatic transcription software has an error. Tap the sticker in the captions after adding it to a story, tap the word that needs to be edited, and then a keyboard will appear so users can easily type the correct word that needs to be edited. show. Tap the ‘Done’ button at the top of the screen after editing, and they will be saved the same.

The only thing that hurt the sticker in the Instagram Stories captions was the presence. The sticker is now limited to “English -speaking countries and English,” however Instagram plans to it will eventually be surrounded by many languages ​​and regions in the future. For Instagram users who live in an area where automatic captions are available, this is a quick and easy way to ensure that everyone can enjoy the content of Instagram Stories no matter what their audience.

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