How To Request Instagram Message Leading T-Pain Ignoring “Hundreds” Of Celebs

Rapper T-Pain made a fun but painful video on TikTok of how he ignored “hundreds” of celebrities in his Instagram message requests.

Rapper T-Pain has extensively documented what he has discovered Instagram message request a new TikTok video. Viewers saw his reaction to finding “hundreds” of celebrities on his Instagram DMs that had never been noticed before.

The Instagram messaging feature is configured differently different messages to a user based on following or following a user. On a user’s Messages page, they see messages they have received and conversations that they have accounts followed or they have previously received message requests. However, if an account does not follow their messages, it will go to a separate requests folder. This is to help users – especially those with a large following – keep track of their important messages and filter out anything that might be abusive or less interested. Users can delete message requests or accept them, which activates communication. in the main messages folder. As a result of this separation, however, the requests folder can easily go unnoticed by users who may not be aware that others are trying to contact them.

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T-Pain was one of those users who ignored his message requests. on his TikTok video, he shared a look at his iPhone screen and scrolled down the numerous list of message requests he had received and not responded to. Understand the consequences of what happened, he wrote “I honestly didn’t care about all the people like 2 years ago,” continued, “I apologize to everyone on this list and the hundreds of others that I don’t deserve in this video.” As he scrolled, TikTok users saw how many messages he didn’t know, with T-Pain showing some messages of the famous missing, looking in disbelief at many. list.

Missed T-Pain Instagram DM The Reaction

New features on Instagram and Messenger

The original T-Pain’s TikTok gained a lot of viewers, including some celebrities left in its Requests folder. IGT’s TikTok account commented “HOY KAMI US” in the video, with Diplo posting a joke in the comments: “I asked if you had milk. I should borrow it.” Other TikTok users also have an equal share of reactions. @ Ellie.abebe commented, “Viola Davis ??? Answer immediately Sir, “ as @miladmirg commented, “Bro has every celebrity in his DMS.”

T-Sick then performed a follow-up TikTok, with a feature to read the video caption “CHECK YOUR DMS !!!” Along with actor Jamie Foxx, T-Pain advised viewers to check their Instagram DMs to make sure they don’t miss any important messages. As he knows from experience, there are probably some of the most important people who try message you via Instagram.

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Origin: T-Sick / TikTok

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