How to restart the May Day Maze at Animal Crossing (2021)

The May Day Maze event returns to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2021. If players see that they need to start too, they can call for rescue, at a price.

Maze Tour activity in the maze is back Animal Passage: New Horizons, and players can earn exclusive prizes for their successful completion. May Day is the next holiday celebration in Animal Passage: New Horizons since the game was launched a little over a year ago. During the event in 2021, the maze changed and became more difficult and unpredictable. The event runs from April 29 to May 7, and players who log in during the window have the opportunity to visiting a special island on the May Day Tour using the free May Day Ticket, received at the Airport. This island has an intricate hedge maze puzzle for players to solve. At the end of the maze, just like last year’s event, players have a chance to talk to Rover and claim their prize.

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To get through the maze, players must complete familiarity Animal Passage: New Horizons activities, such as making objects, digging trees and plants, crushing rocks, vaulting, extracting resources, etc. However, these must all be completed in one visit, because the players will not be able to return to the island on May Day to finish. Sometimes, players may make mistakes while working on each activity, or they may not understand how to get vouchers for bells that can be seen all over the island. In either case, they can restart the maze, reset it back to its original configuration, and try again. They spend it to do it, however, they have to make sure they have it enough saved Nook Miles to cover the cost. Here’s how to change the maze on May Day Animal Passage: New Horizons.

How to Call Animal Crossing Rescue Services: New Horizons

May Day at the Maze 2021 Animal Crossing New Horizons

To also start the May Day maze from the beginning of Animal Passage: New Horizons, Required by players use their Nook Phone and calling for Rescue Services. This service costs 100 Nook Miles per hour it is used. Once players confirm their decision to pay the fee and start again, they will be taken to the start of the maze, and all progress will be reset. Since the maze hasn’t changed, players don’t have to worry about navigating to a new layout when they reset.

Aside from the fee, there are no other restart consequences and, as long as players have Nook Miles, they can be reset as many times as they need to to ensure they solve the puzzle and complete the activity. . This is especially useful when players end up using a resource as quickly as possible or when they don’t need it and are stuck in the maze because they no longer have that necessary resource.

Going Through Animal New Horizons May Day Maze

Once they solve the maze, players have a chance to talk to Rover, the familiar blue cat from the past. Passing Animals games. He will give the players their prizes. Once players reach him, they can also return to the maze and retrieve Bell Vouchers, which can be exchanged for bellows.

if Animal Passage: New Horizons Players who completed the maze on May Day last year, they will receive a new prize for 2021: photo of Rover. This decoration can be hung at a player’s house or anywhere around town. The frame can be customized and, like any other framed photographs of the villagers, the photo association will provide a brief biography of Rover. Players who experience the maze on May Day for the very first time will receive a prize awarded in 2020, Rover’s Briefcase.

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Animal Passage: New Horizons available for Nintendo Switch.

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