How to Romance Jack in Mass Effect 2

Jack, Subject Zero, is one of the most difficult but rewarding companions that Shepard can romance. Mass Effect 2. Jack is always listed among the favorites that fans love Mass Effect The trilogy, in part because he and Shepard have to work to build trust with each other. Although Jack was originally intended to be pansexual on Mass Effect 2, he can only be used by a male Shepard. In order to activate his romantic arc, Shepard must recruit him, secure and maintain his Loyalty, and avoid accepting the option of having a fling.

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As Shepard gets to know Jack, he will learn more about his background and some of his uncertainties and weaknesses. He needs to show his patience and support to convince her to lower her walls and trust him. Even if Shepard is involved in a relationship with Jack, he doesn’t have to survived the final Suicide Mission, so players must do as much as they can to complete all the necessary steps in advance to attack the Collector’s base or risk breaking the romance terribly short. If Jack survived the events of Mass Effect 2, Shepard will continue his relationship with him on Mass Effect 3. Here’s how to start a romance with Jack Mass Effect 2.

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How to Start a Romance with Jack in Mass Effect 2

Jack rests his head on Shepard's shoulder while speaking on Mass Effect 3

During the first Law of Mass Effect 2, Shepard received four dossiers from The Illusive Man to begin building his team against the Collectors. One of them, Dossier: The Convict, brings Shepard and his crew to Purgatory, a prison ship, to buy Jack’s freedom and recruit him for their mission.

Jack doesn’t immediately go kindly to Shepard, and he has to visit him to ask questions and talk if he can. It was also a good idea for Shepard to allow Jack access to Cerberus’ files, something he immediately requested and something Miranda Lawson immediately set up.

In an early conversation, Shepard finds a conversation wheel option to have sex with Jack. If she wants to continue a relationship with Jack, she should avoid this option. Choosing to have casual sex with Jack leads to a short, heartbreaking cutscene, but after that, Jack will no longer talk to Shepard for free, and his love may be locked. This is an option players can make if they want to experience a fling with Jack but eventually plan a romance with Miranda or Tali.

Jack sits on the Engineering ladder aboard Normandy in Mass Effect 2

After the Horizon mission, Yeoman Chambers mentions that Jack wants to talk to Shepard. Talking to Jack after this update from Chambers will activate Jack’s Loyalty Mission, Jack: Subject Zero. While some selectors choose to keep this mission until the later dawn of the game, players who want to continue Jack’s love affair should consider completing it as quickly as possible to grow time for growth.

During the Jack: Zero subject, Jack intends to visit the facility where he was tortured as a child and destroy it. Jack’s Loyalty’s mission is one of many not to fail. Regardless of Shepard’s decision as the mission nears its end, Jack will be Loyal. However, Shepard must be vigilant to maintain that Loyalty.

Immediately after following Jack’s Loyalty mission, he and Miranda fight in the Comm room. If Shepard has a high enough Paragon or Renegade score, they should always choose to use the Charm / Intimidate dialogue option to resolve the conflict without having to take sides and lose the Loyalty of one of their squads. However, if Shepard’s Paragon / Renegade score isn’t high enough, they should always choose to take Jack’s side rather than Miranda’s. Shepard loses Miranda’s Loyalty, but gets it later in the conversation. It will also lock Shepard out at any time Miranda’s romance Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3. For players who want to chase Jack, this is better than an option; if Shepard takes Miranda’s side in this conflict, it will permanently lock them out of a romance with Jack permanently, even if he gets Loyalty back later.

Mass Effect 2 Jack Romance

After Jack’s Loyalty mission, Shepard can continue to visit him at the lowest level of Engineering and keep trying to get to know him. Speaking of which, if he asks if he has feelings for her, he should answer I did or You are not convinced. This will guarantee that he will be away for a while. Shepard may be able to return after a few more missions to talk again. In general, continuing the Paragon dialogue options a good strategy, as it tends to show support and empathy when Jack starts to open up about past romances and wants time to think things through. Shepard had to keep telling him to take the time to make sure he was. Rejecting her, especially if or when she talks about her ex-boyfriend, shuts her off from all of Shepard’s further conversation.

In the next Shepard spoke to Mordin Solus, the professor will also offer advice about his relationship with Jack, as he does with any squad Shepard chooses to fall in love with. While not necessary, this scene can be a funny reminder that the rest of the ship recognizes the blossoming love.

If Shepard succeeds in showing his support, before leading the team via Omega-4 Relay, Jack arrives at Shepard’s hut much weaker than before. She admits she thought about him and became emotional. Shepard should be able to reassure this scene as well. The two will share a close moment before the cutscene darkens.

Jack and Shepard embrace his quarters in Mass Effect 2

It was important for Shepard to keep Jack alive during the Suicide Mission. There are a few times he can die easily if players are not careful. First, Shepard had to make three critical upgrades in Normandy: the Kinetic Barriers suggested by Tali, the Heavy Ship Armor suggested by Jacob, and the Thanix Cannon suggested by Garrus. Without it, Jack is one of the most likely to die of squadmates as Normandy travels via the Omega-4 Relay.

Later in the mission, Jack is a good choice for the Biotic Specialist. Shepard also had to select suitable leaders for the other teams to prevent the fatal accident that Jack died on the mission. During the last boss fight, Jack’s defense score wasn’t as high as the other teammates, so he could be a better option for Shepard’s squad than the Defense Team.

Does Jack have to survive the events of Mass Effect 2 and the player continues the game following the credits, they can talk to him again in Engineering. Later, Shepard has the option to use the Intercom in his hut and call Jack to the room. The two can sit together, sleep together, or hug. The romance can go on end of Mass Effect 3.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launched May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with forward compatibility with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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