How to Survive the Dragonspine Cold

Players who have lived for a long time in cold places like Dragonspine will start to get hurt and die. Here’s how to stay warm with Genshin Impact.

Since its launch, the Effect on Genshin The player base explores every nook and cranny of the Teyvat region. Or, as far as today’s game world expands. Even if the size of this open world is impressive for a free game, it won’t last forever. As such, the developers plan to add more regions to the map over time and started by making Dragonspine mountain accessible.

Dragonspine is a large icy peak located between Mondstat and Liyue and can be seen far away from most not seen in the game. Now, players can climb it for themselves, but there is a draw: the temperature is so freezing, anyone who enters the mountain will suffer the severe cold effects of the situation. If explorers can’t find the source of the heat, they can always get damaged once the extreme cold meter is full.


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Once players step on the Dragonspine area, they must find a heat source to avoid constant damage. Effect on Genshin Players can search for Campfires or apply things like a Hot Bottle o Ghoulash. Here’s how players can survive the Sheer Cold in the Dragonspine area.

Genshin Impact Heating

There are many Dragonspine resources available to players to lower their chill meter, most of them in the form of fire. They can be found along the main trails that straighten the mountain trails, and are less difficult to find. As such, the easiest way to not freeze to death is to stay on these routes as long as possible. Trying to find a shortcut on the mountain or outside on the beaten path is dangerous, as there is no guarantee that there will be a heat source nearby to turn off the cold.


  • One might expect that characters with Pyro abilities would be able to light a fire for heat, but sadly, they can’t. All they could do was light the torches and flames that were scattered around the area. Fires under pots can also be used, so campsites are likely to be a safe place while exploring cool areas.

Seelie warmed up

  • Players who have played Effect on Genshin familiar with Seelies, blue wisp-like spirits that float around and carry adventurers to treasure boxes. Dragonspire finds are known as Warming Seelies and sport a vibrant orange color. Like a flame, these entities provide warmth to those who follow them. Once they can inhabit their statue, they will permanently provide warmth to the area, so note where they are for future reference.


  • A new one cooking recipes introduced in the same update that brings Dragonspine is the hearty goulash soup. Adventurers will get its recipe after completing “Ah, Fresh Meat!” find the Adventurer’s camp set at the foot of the mountain. All it takes is two chilled meats, two carrots, and a tomato to make this cold remedy. Drinking it can reduce the amount of severe cold that accumulates over time, but it will not completely disappear. However, this is a good recipe that will help those who cook it.

Heating Bottle

  • The Warming Bottle can reset the Sheer Cold meter completely, allowing players more time to survive the cold. To make a Warming Bottle, players must get theirs Frostbearing Tree up to level four. Once players reach level four, they will open the blueprint for the Warming Bottle and can do so using two Flaming Flower Stamen and two pieces of Starsilver.

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Effect on Genshin available for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices.

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