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The “Armageddon” crossover of Flash season 8 is said to have killed a major character. Here’s why it’s not permanent, and how it can be recovered.

Warning: This article has spoilers for The Flash season 8, episode 2.

The big twist in the second installment of The Flash The “Armageddon” crossover doesn’t mean Joe West is permanently killed. Even if dead Joe (Jesse. L. Martin) is the impression given by the events of the stage, the death off -screen for an important character is hard to imagine. Barry (Grant Gustin) may be right when he declares Joe not to die.

Joe’s disappearance in “Armageddon” is explained by a game-changing revelation at the end of The Flash season 8, episode 2. According to Team Flash, Joe died six months ago, although Barry has no recollection of the tragedy. For the characters and perhaps the audience, this could be a sign of the folly that Despero (Tony Curran) has warned about. Barry’s alleged attack on Team Flash and violent demonstrations in Central City add to the evidence for this scenario. For now, Barry seems to have denied Joe’s death, and that he shouldn’t have thought the memory was suppressed. That would explain why the show hides Joe’s fate.


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The fact that all the characters clearly remember Joe died suggests that it somehow happened on the show’s timeline, but that doesn’t mean Joe’s story is over. ago comments from The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace about season 8 Joe’s story actually focuses on his death the show doesn’t last. As for how this happens, there is more than one way the show can understand Joe’s condition that has nothing to do with his death. Even if this is the least satisfactory explanation, one possibility is that everything Barry later experienced was not true. Or, Barry is stuck in an alternative timeline where Joe dies.

Another concept that can be used here is time travel. Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) severely interferes with Barry’s life when he goes back in time and kills his mother. Joe’s death could be the result of a similar plot. Reverse-Flash is behind Barry’s current dilemma very significant, especially since the villain is proven to appear in “Armageddon”. In addition, Barry quickly defeated Reverse-Flash at the end of season 7, deepening the character’s revenge against Scarlet Speedster.

Even if Eobard Thawne had nothing to do with Joe’s sudden death, time travel seems to be the most reasonable response to The Flash The mystery of Joe West in season 8. A pace going back in time and Joe’s murder may have something to do with why only Barry remembers things as they should. Either way, he may not have been affected by any of the changes made to the timeline. If that’s exactly what happened, Barry might have to risk another Flashpoint incident to fix things and restore order. Arrowverse timeline of what it used to be.

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