Hudas Priest Confirmed KK Downing To Attend Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

Judas the Priest Confirmed bassist Ian Hill is a former guitarist KK Humiliation attend the band Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Downing left the group in 2011 and withdrew from Priest in the following years. Since then he has done a solo act, KK’s Priest, which claims half the name of his former band. However, his contributions during his four decades of working with the pioneers of NWOBHM remain important to the legacy of Judas Priest.

When the Priest is notified as part of class in 2022 through the Musical Excellence Award, many wondered if Downing would attend the ceremony with his former bandmates. Fortunately, founding bassist Ian Hill confirmed that KK was there for the induction.

“[Guitarist] Richie [Faulkner] can’t be inducted, but it’s only fitting that he’s been driving the band for almost 12 years now, ”Hill said. Metal Hammer when asked which members would be enshrined. “Dave Holland [drummer 1979-1989] long in the band and obviously Ken [guitarist KK Dowling] is there. Les Binks has been with us all these years, as has Scott [Travis, drums] so he will also be involved in the induction. ”

Speaking specifically about Downing, Hill added: “He talked to management and said he was sure he was there. It would have been nice.”

Previously, frontman Rob Halford said Rolling Stone that he was open to performing with Downing at the ceremony. “Perfect. Like I said before, you have to avoid any distractions. You have to remove the emotional turmoil and just refer this big celebration. Otherwise, if you don’t do that, and you leave the building, after a few years you go, ‘What? Why didn’t we do that?’ It’s a few hours, but those few hours will last forever.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is scheduled for Nov. 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The 2022 class also includes Eminem, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, and more.

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