Hugh Grant Compares Himself to a Scrotum During Wild 2023 Oscars Bit

Presenting the wildest moment of 2023 Oscars.

When Hugh Grant took the stage with Andie MacDowell at Hollywood’s biggest award show of the year, movie fans were delighted to witness a Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion.

But as the pair prepare to reveal the winner of Best Production Design on March 12, things get tough. (To see the complete list of 2023 Oscars winners, click here.)

“We’re actually here to do two things,” Hugh shared with the stars in the Dolby Theater audience. “The first is to raise awareness about the importance of using a good moisturizer. Andie has been wearing one every day for the past 29 years.

While Hugh admitted that his former co-star was “still amazing,” he said that he was “basically a scrotum.” Oh!

As the audience laughed, Andie tried to get back on track.

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