Hulu’s Koala Man Gets Official Trailer Starring Hugh Jackman

Things get weird underneath. For proof, look no further Hululatest animated series Koala Man, which got the official trailer today.

Koala Man created by Aussie director Michael Cusack, who also stars as Kevin, the titular hero. Kevin is a regular old man trying to juggle his family with his burning desire to solve petty crimes. The results were mixed.

Armed with a marsupial mask, Koala Man traverses the city to fix potential disasters like a cat stuck in a tree, a messy lawn mowing job, and office Wi-Fi. . He’s clearly still figuring things out, and his various anthropomorphic animal enemies aren’t making things any easier.

Along with Cusack, Koala Man shows the sounds of Hugh JackmanDemi Lardner, Jermaine Clement, and following starring Sarah Snook.

Looking at Koala Man in its trailer below, and then see how Kevin’s antics play out when the series premieres on Hulu January 9th.

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