Hunter Schafer Joins the Cast of the Hunger Games Prequel

Just a day later The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Birds and Snakes added a lot of people to its cast, EuphoriaHunter Schafer has already signed on to the film.

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Schafer will bring Tigris Snow, the cousin, and confidant, to Coriolanus Snow. Tigris always advised Coriolanus as a teacher and served as the core of his moral compass. Schafer will star opposite Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler in the future Hunger Games prequel.

Based on Suzanne Collins ’2020 prequel novel, The Ballad of Birds and Snakes set 64 years before the events of Hunger Games trilogy, beginning the morning of the Tenth Hunger Games harvest, in which 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow was assigned as mentor to the tribute girl from poor District 12.

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Written by Michael Lesslie and based on a draft by Collins and Michael Arndt, the film will be directed by Hunger Games film director Francis Lawrence. It will be overseen by franchise producer Nina Jacobson and her production partner Brad Simpson, along with Francis Lawrence. Suzanne Collins, Tim Palen, and Jim Miller will serve as executive producers. Meredith Wieck and Scott O’Brien are in charge for the studio.

The prequel is currently scheduled for a Nov. 17, 2023 theatrical release.

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