If You Only Knew | Jim Daly

There were a lot of boys in my high school who didn’t get along with their dads. Every day they complain about their fathers being strict and repressive. And all I could do was think, “If only you knew how good it is.”

At that time, I was living with my older brother Dave. He was a good brother, but he was not a father. He doesn’t set boundaries or establish any rules. And curfew? Of course not. “Two or three in the morning is fine,” he said.

My situation may look good to my friends from the outside, but I hate it. I would have been happy to put up with more rules if it meant having a dad at home.

And believe it or not, most kids feel the same way. In a poll by the National Center for Fathering, 92% of people said fathers are important to children’s health and well-being. And many believe that absentee dads are the biggest social problem facing the United States today. According to approx EVERY The scientific scale is there, children with fathers do better. It really is is the that simple!

So, dads, don’t ever let the busyness of life or negative media messages make you wonder if it matters or not. You did! Research says that. And so are all the people like me who spent their childhood wishing they had a father at home.

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