If You Want a Great Marriage, Go for It

Hurdles don’t usually stumble on the open side of the track but when they try to clear obstacles.

Similarly, marriage will not stumble if everything is calm and life is in order. Problems tend to develop when couples encounter some type of stress.

My wife, Jean, and I have been through many transitions. We faced challenges with our relatives, moved to new cities, and raised two boys. One of the biggest challenges in our marriage – ironically enough – was when I became president of Focus on the Family. I took on the role of leading an organization created to help families around the world. Can we expect to have a perfect marriage? Perfect children? We need to think about those questions and figure out how we can work together to keep our relationship strong.

We discovered that great marriages don’t happen by chance. Strong couples don’t go on autopilot. Stressful moments become daily opportunities for husbands and wives to work together as a team.

Over the years, Katharine Hill has helped couples learn how to love and sacrifice for each other. He is an author, a speaker, and a former attorney specializing in family law who has seen firsthand the devastation of broken marriages and broken families. He is also one of the leaders of Family Careis a sister organization to Focus on the Family, which offers Bible-based advice and encouragement to families in the United Kingdom.

In his book When You’ve Forgotten Everything, Remember This: Tips and Reminders for a Happy MarriageKatharine offers couples the acronym STOP:

  • Don’t score points. Keeping track of who did what caused the conflict.
  • Don’t assume the worst. If your husband brings you beautiful flowers, don’t think, “What did he do wrong today?” Assume the best and thank him for being thoughtful.
  • Do not opt ​​out. Don’t retreat, dismiss, or sweep problems under the rug.
  • Don’t put your spouse down. Don’t make your partner feel inferior, either verbally or through body language.

We recorded a fun conversation with Katharine at a Focus on the Family event in Scotland for our Focus on the Family Broadcast “If You Want a Great Marriage, Go for It.” We’ve discussed simple, practical ways you can turn your good marriage into a great one!

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While you’re online, why not take a few moments to try our freebies Marriage Evaluation online tool? This will help you quickly identify what is going well in your relationship and identify areas where you need improvement.

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