Ikaw na [SPOILER] Talks Untimely Season 3 End

What to do you during the fourth seems like no love?

CAUTIONS: Don’t read further if you haven’t finished the third episode. Buuuuut, as Joe Goldberg-minus-Quinn (Penn Badgley) stalks of his with the soul in Paris, we keep wondering what it would be like if Love (Victoria Pedretti) won all. The grieving bakery owner and new mother just wants a Fresh Tart from Madre Linda, but her impulse control issues-plus, you know, some of attempted murder—It was inevitable that Joe would go on without Love in his life.

youthe Victoria Pedretti exclusively said goodbye to Love in an emotional interview with E! News on Oct. 22. “I’m talking about obsession, how he obsesses over other people and the desires to be obsessed, and [she] kind of dealing with other people and never interacting with himself, “Pedretti shares of his character.” He swallows himself up in others and swallows up others, like his son. “

For Pedretti, Love’s fiery love consists often that we don’t notice, or negotiate, that burns. Of course, it takes watching Love literally fire alive in her own kitchen to get the message across.

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