In Defense of “Boring Bachelor” Zach Shallcross

How refreshing to see that Zach always trusts his instincts and (gasp!) sends a girl home when he wants to, without waiting for a producer to possibly convince him to keep a good for the TV contestant for a few more weeks in?

Our jaws hit the floor when he didn’t give the single mother a rose Christina Mandrell—born to be left on an island during a two-on-one date—in the third week. We were legitmately guffawed when he literally spoke Brianna he has no interest in hearing the name of the person he is fighting with at home, as long as their issues are resolved. We clapped (okay, we tapped the sides of our wine glasses) when he spoke quickly Anastasia after he was accused of being on the show to gain followers on social media.

Zach is fiercely judgmental, often in ways that a lead isn’t allowed (or sometimes won’t allow themselves) to be, and we can’t help but respect his zero-tolerance policy when it comes to BS Just watch this answer he gave Greer — hilariously via Zoom after he had COVID-19 and was forced to hold a virtual cocktail party — when he compared his situation to the time he almost failed his goal of selling work because of the coronavirus.

“I think it’s completely different, at least from my perspective, I’m disappointed in finding my future wife, compared to … the end of the quarter,” he said. “In a few short weeks, I can stand in front of my person, and that means more to me than the end of a sales quarter.”

In his interview with Rolling StoneZach explained how he’s okay with being called boring based on the decisions he makes on the show.

“If you’re into unnecessary drama and things that are just ridiculous and make no sense,” he says, “yeah, maybe I’m not the guy for you.”

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