Industrial-Metal Pioneers Godflesh Announce New Album Purge

Veteran industrial work pious announcing a new album, cleansingset for release on June 9. The LP marks the UK band’s ninth album overall, and first in nearly six years.

Godflesh originally formed as Fall of Because in 1982 before changing their name in 1988. They are considered one of the pioneers of industrial metal, and are still led by longtime members Justin K. Broadrick and Ben ” GC” Green.

According to a press release, “The title alone – cleansing — direct references to how songwriter and creator Justin K. Broadrick used Godflesh’s music as temporary relief from his diagnosed autism and PTSD. This is the next stage of a journey he has been on since he started creating music, feeling alone and like an outsider in any scene or group, from childhood to adulthood.

cleansing serves as a series of Godflesh efforts in the second, pure, as it “revisits and updates the concepts” of the 1992 album. Before the arrival of the new album, the band will release the digital-only single “Nero” along with three self-remixes on April 3rd.

Godflesh have just been announced as the headliners of the Oblivion Access festivalwhich will take place June 15-18 in Austin, Texas.

Check out the artwork and tracklist for Godflesh’s upcoming album cleansing down.

cleansing Artwork:

cleansing Tracklist:
01. Nero
02. Lord earth
03. Non’s Army
04. Lazarus the leper
05. Consent
06. The Father
07. Mythology of the Self
08. You are the Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner

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