Inside Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa’s Incredible Love Story

Discussing how the soap stars ended up dating each other because they spent so much time together on set, Ripa explained, “We’re the only people we know.” Consuelos added, “Which is especially the reason we got married, because we don’t know anyone else.”

“Shhh,” Ripa shushed at him, raising another giggles. “That’s not true … I’m sure it’s not true. I mean, it’s true. But look, exercise!”

Eleven years later they were still laughing at each other. They also have things in common (excluding Consuelos ’sports-watching habit), and they nailed the whole truth to liking every single thing.

“Very normal, normal relationship,” Consuelos also told E! on the 10-year mark in 2006. “You know, ups and downs like anyone.” He suspects that, if you ask his wife, he might focus on certain moments in their wedding where “it could work out that way.” But “I think I made a good decision.”

She was able to smile.

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