Inside Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah’s “Holiday of a Lifetime” in SA

It may not be Friday night, however Minka Kelly sheds light on his relationship with Trevor Noah.

The actress posted him Instagram page of his first photograph showing Daily Show host on Sunday, Jan. 9, more than a week after he posted his own first pic of her. The two photos were taken during their recent visit to his homeland, South Africa, where they were vacationing with friends.

“Travel to South Africa. Find friends like this. Have the holiday of a lifetime. Thank you, Mzansi [prayer emoji] [red heart emoji]”Minka captioned her pic, which refers to a South African nickname. The photo, a selfie taken by Trevor, shows the two drinking with friends on a luxury boat.

Local radio and TV personality Male Anele the pic is regulated, writing, “Makota,” meaning “bride,” “newlywed” or “mother-in-law.”

Other guests also shared group photos from their trips with Trevor and the Friday Night Lights star, as well as a video of the couple dancing.

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