Inside the Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules Unique Cast Lives

Live the good life.

The simple birth of a famous family comes with all sorts of benefits: private planes, expensive cars, luxury lands – that’s how the life of a famous child is. Many embraced the luxurious way of life and some even went on to build empires of their own, but whatever it was, they all benefited from having a well -known surname.

The cast of E! Quite Famous: Ranch Rules there are no exceptions.

However, none of this is important today. As part of the upcoming show, eight celebrity kids have left Los Angeles for a remote Colorado ranch where they will take on a series of pathetic, chaotic and challenging jobs to try to prove that they are more than their parents ’children, and, above all, to try and reopen the ranch after a year of closure and disappearance due to the pandemic.

To show how big of an adjustment this is for the cast — which includes everything from Shaquille O’Nealson of that David Hasselhoffthe daughter-we looked at all eight stars rich life.

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