Instagram Account Suicide Short Short “Error Deleted” Due to Band Name

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles punk band Suicide Tendencies revealed that their Instagram account was removed from the social media platform within three weeks. In the statement, posted on their backed Instagram, Suicidal Tendencies claimed the account was taken down by the social media company due to the sensitive nature of their name. “Long story short, it has nothing to do with‘ us, ’but it all has to do with our name,” the band wrote. “It’s not the first time we’ve been flagged but hopefully this will be the end. We’ll talk more about that. ”

When Pitchfork arrived, a representative for parent company Instagram Facebook told Pitchfork “the account was gone by mistake.” The representative said, “We have policies in place that do not allow people to promote or glorify suicide and self -harm, and in this case, it is wrong for our teams to flag it based on the account name.”

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