Internet Son Gavin Thomas Grows Up All in New Year’s Photos

Gavin Thomas it’s all big.

When fans first got to know Minnesotan, he was only 2 years old and could barely form a full sentence. Now, it’s been eight years and Gavin is a pre-teen, as can be seen in his latest photo.

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, Gavin’s mother, Kate, gave his more than 500,000 followers a glimpse of the new pic, bringing back warm memories of Gavin and his uncle Nick MastodonVine’s account.

Someone answer, “Need wallet sized pics for the whole twitter fam. Proud of u nephew.” Another Twitter user ASK the question all in our minds: “how did they grow so fast ??”

Recently, Kate was talking Know your Meme about Gavin’s status as a bonafide meme star, revealing that he didn’t expect anything to happen in those first videos. He shared, “I would never have imagined that all of this would happen. We were just taking cute videos and photos of Gavin.”

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