iRevisite iCarly As An Adult Before Resurrection

If I tell people I love iCarly, I tend to include an interpreter.

“I only watched it because I had two younger brothers watching it.” “There are only a few reasons!” “I watch all the TV, including TV for kids.” “I know that’s silly, but I think Spencer is cute!”

I was 16 then iCarly premiered, which is, if I think about it now, the age of a child and a perfectly reasonable age to watch iCarly. But like most 16-year-olds do, I think I’m too cool for anything imaginable for kids. I was overwhelmed with the ability to do whatever I could to get out of what I thought was my hard -earned adulthood. I can drive a car, so I can’t watch Nickelodeon color comedies, no matter how much I love them.

Now, 14 years have passed, and those feelings remain, even as I look forward to the resurrection. So, as part of an attempt to keep up with my own strange lingering uncertainty about my age and in part to figure out how badly old it looks, I decided to return the series to it has not yet been returned. I expected more of the same embarrassment, lots of cringing and lots of “yikes” as to how the late 2000s / early 2010s featured the show. However, I found joy.

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