Iron Maiden Announces New Hellcat India Pale Lager Craft Beer

Iron Maiden adds to their craft beer family with the new Hellcat India Pale Lager, this fall.

6% ABV beer is a new partnership with BrewDog, which is said to be the lager where “hops and malts” collide. Wearing a faint golden look and a citrus -forward flavor with a malty backbone, the beer evokes a complex flavor and a strong energy – much like the music of Iron Maiden.

“I was looking for the perfect partner to bring a fresh, exciting beer to the US,” said Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. “I have long admired BrewDog, not only for their beers, but also for their character and style. When I met the BrewDog team, we knew that we respect each other, and that we can make a indisputably unique beer. “

BrewDog CEO and co-founder James Watt added: “Iron Maiden, like BrewDog, has maintained their spirit of independence throughout their illustrious career. Hellcat is a hop-forward walk with a twist. golden shiny look and crisp finish – an epic beer worthy of this many collaborations. “

Hellcat joins Iron Maiden’s Trooper series of beers, a collaboration between Dickinson and Robinsons Brewery. Trooper was launched in 2013 and has sold more than 25 million pints worldwide, becoming one of the most visible metal beers on the market.

The original maiden beer also helped spark the trend of heavy metal bands partnering with breweries for the signature craft pounds. Recently, groups like Deftones, Motorhead, ug Panther got their own beers. Other bands like GWAR opted first rye whiskey and CBD.

Hellcat will be available to select distributors and retailers across the United States starting in the fall of 2021. A teaser video can be found via BrewDog’s Instagram page below, and get more information on the beer maker website.

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