Is it a Master Bathroom or Main Bathroom?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few people tell me, “Kristi, you should call your bathroom a master bathroom instead of a master bathroom.” So the time has come for me to address this topic, and explain why I will not be moving from the “master bathroom” to the “primary bathroom” (or “master bedroom” to “primary bedroom”) anytime in the future.

I don’t know when this change happened, but it seems around 2020 that I started seeing the terms “master bathroom” and “master bedroom”. All my life, these rooms have been called master bathrooms and master bedrooms, but suddenly, someone decided that these terms were no longer appropriate, and we all had to change our language.

I started seeing these new terms in real estate listings, blog posts, social media posts, etc. And while I think that the change is unnecessary, I also know that as a blogger who depends on Google for the entire traffic of my blog, I am with you.

But what I quickly realized (and continue to realize even two years after I heard these new terms) is that this change in terminology seems to have only happened in a small echo chamber of social media that is particularly relevant. already in the home / garden / DIY /decoration niches, and then it flooded some people who work in real estate. Except for small niches, this change in terminology did not reach the country at large.

As I mentioned above, bloggers like myself rely quite a bit on Google to send us traffic. That means we need to know what search terms people are typing into Google to find information, and then we bloggers can use those search terms in our blog posts (if and if it fits naturally) to try to get some of those people who are looking for terms to go to our websites, where they hope to find some useful information about the term that they are looking for.

And we bloggers and website owners have various tools we can use to see what terms people are searching for on Google.

So let me show you what people are looking for.

First, when I saw how many people were searching for information about “master bathroom”, this was the information that Google provided.

These are different search terms that include “master bathroom” that people search for on Google. The important information is “volume.” The number is simply the number of Google searches for specific key phrases in the last 12 months. So in the last 12 months, there were an average of 140 searches per month in the United States for “master bathroom.” And then you can see the other search terms that are related there, and their average every month for the last 12 months.

Here are some more related to the “master bathroom”.

Now I’ll show you how it compares to people searching for information about “master bathroom.”

I mean, there is no comparison.

There are an average of 27,100 searches for “master bathroom ideas” per month in the United States, compared to 110 searches for “main bathroom ideas” per month. The truth is that the average American hasn’t gotten the memo yet. The memo has stuck in a bit of an echo chamber online, and it hasn’t made it to the wider public.

As you can imagine, the same trends are true in terms of “master bedroom” compared to “primary bedroom.” Each month, on average, there are 27,100 for the term “master bedroom ideas” in the United States, compared to 320 for “master bedroom ideas.”

So when do I move? I do this when I see a change in fashion, and I see that the average American is starting to use these new terms. But I’m not trying to be a trend-setter in my use of the English language. 🙂 I just wanted to write a few blog posts about my home and my DIY projects, and hope that the average American who stumbles upon my blog finds it helpful and useful. But they won’t find it if I use terms they’ve never heard of, don’t use in their daily lives, and wouldn’t even think to Google. 🙂

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