Is There A Shrill Movie? Aidy Bryant said …

Ugh, it doesn’t cause laughter.

In an exclusive chat on E! News, Shrill star, writer and creator Aidy Bryant opened about third and final season of the Hulu comedy, beginning Friday, May 7. And, according to Aidy, Shrill the ending specifically turned out to be “bitter.”

“I’m sad that it’s over, and I love working with this group of people, especially,” she told E! News. “They really want to, fill my life. But, honestly, I’m proud of it and I love where it ends.”

To refresh your memory, it’s time for the two left with Annie (Aidy) to end things with her countless boyfriend Ryan (Luke Jones). So, what’s next for Annie? A hot girl summer vibe and some high and high at work.

The streaming service further joked: “Everything finally seemed to fall into place for Annie – she was able to drop her beloved son and son, catch the eye of a strong new mentor, and shut down the some high-profile roles-so why is everyone clicking? Sometimes life’s many challenges don’t get you what you want, know what you want. “

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