Isaiah Rashad Says He Recognizes “Sexually Fluid” in New Interview

Isaiah Rashad sat down for an interview with Joe Budden released by the rapper and media personality Patreon yesterday (May 26). During the interview, as Rolling Stone notes, Rashad said he was “sexually fluid” and also responded to the leaked video that he had an intimate physical encounter with the men. “I’d say, like, I’m sexually fluid,” Rashad said. “I’m still learning about it myself. I put my head in the books to figure out the basics of it, but, basically, like, I don’t have full control, when I enter a room, who I’m attracted to.

Rashad continued, “I am more attracted to a personality ,. I was more attracted, at times, to intellect. And, sometimes, it’s just attracted to someone. ”He added,” I have an understanding of myself that, you know, not to expect anything from myself as much as an attraction. “

Rashad also told Joe Budden how he reacted to learning of the leaked video. “The first couple of days, like, were different for me. I ruined my fuckin ‘car,” he reveals. “Super in my head.” He continued, “I knew afterward that, like, I had to fight. talk to someone, or discuss it, or people will just ask me, or make assumptions. And I had to know, at that point, I had to be OK with it.

Taking the stage at Coachella in April, Rashad recognized the leaked footage, began his set with a multimedia collage of people reacting to the apparent outing with encouragement and support for him. The rapper’s latest album on Top Dawg Entertainment than last summer The House burned down.

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