It’s Prequel Series Welcome to Derry Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max ordered and it prequel series called Welcome to Derry from the team behind its blockbuster films.

Andy Muschiettiwho managed two 2017’s it and 2019 This is: Chapter Two, Supervises Welcome to Derry with his sister, it producers Barbara Muschiettiand actor-writer Jason Fuchs, who plays Richie’s manager in the This is: Chapter Two. Fuchs – who co-showrunners the series with Brad Caleb Kane – will write the first episode, while Andy Muschietti will direct.

“To return to the world of my favorite horror novel of all time and help build the incredible cinematic universe that Andy and Barbara created is more than the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s a dream come true – or, maybe more pa. precisely, a dream,” Fuchs said in a statement.

For their part, the Muschiettis shared: “As teenagers, we took turns reading chapters of Stephen King’s book. IT until the thick paperback fell to pieces. IT an epic story with many people, more than what we can explore in ours IT movies. We can’t wait to share the depth of Steve’s novel, in all its heart, humor, humanity and horror.

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