Jaclyn Hill’s Ulta Collection confirms Her Status as YouTube OG

Jaclyn shares, “I think social media plays a huge role in how makeup is developed. It has become a hobby, a skill, a profession, and a place for people who they truly are and true self.First beginning the YouTube with product reviews, to become more mainstream of Instagram with rolls and stories, to date reaching a much younger demographic TikTok where individuals can display their entire activity in seconds! “She sees everything, influences the majority, and more importantly, Jaclyn thrives with the times.

Many TikTokers participated in 2016 vs. 2021 Challenge, in which they show how their usual beauty routines have changed over the past five years, which is something Jaclyn admits, “we can all fix everything.” She explains, “Beauty trends come and go, and even my own customary beauty really changes throughout the year. From wearing bold dark lips back in the day, to moving on. a nude lip statement! I have to say though – highlighters are always a topic element in any routine, especially mine.It makes your face look beautiful and I love how they are great. In the years that I have perfected my signature look and I want to create lines that will make everyone happy. “

That look is what inspired her to create highlights, bronzer, blush, and more. Jaclyn Cosmetics, applicable to Ulta. The mogul shared, “In my new collections I want to continue what I’m looking for in makeup, but add every skin tone. We’ve launched my website JaclynCosmetics.com and partnered with the amazing Ulta team that brings these ingredient products to everyone! “

To find out about Collection by Jaclyn Cosmetics and Ulta and Tips and insights on Jaclyn’s personal application, keep scrolling to get your light.

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