James Corden Will Almost Play Brendan Fraser’s Part in The Whale

When something good comes out Darren Aronofskynor polarizing latest film The Whalethis is arguably the late renaissance of the leading man Brendan Fraser — but what if one of the most annoying men in showbiz wore a fat suit instead? James Corden recently revealed that she is about to star in an A24 movie, alongside the fashion mogul-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford originally planned to direct.

The deadlineRaised by Pete Hammond The Whale while attending a recent Q&A surrounding Corden’s new Amazon series Mammals: “I will play that part, and Tom Ford will direct,” the Late Late Show The host said, adding that he thought he might be too young to do the character justice. According to Corden, Ford left the film because he wanted complete control over it.

Apparently, George Clooney is also attached to the project. Corden didn’t specify what his role would be on the set, but the new one Kennedy Center Honoree just want to go through it if an actually The 600-pound actor was cast in the role that ultimately went to Fraser. But not surprisingly, fat actors are few and far between in mainstream Hollywood, and finding an unknown instead is, for some reason, too much to ask.

For Ford, The Whale would be the designer’s third feature film, after 2009’s A Single Man and 2016’s Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Nocturnal Animals. He was angry many times for his depiction of women, namely the use of naked women in ads – who knows how he would handle a story about a fat man? Our guess: Not good.

At least Fraser seems to feel good about how The Whale brought out; she cried happy tears while the film was taken a six minutes of standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Next, he will be seen in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. Meanwhile, Corden may be looking for more another hip restaurant in New York City of hatred.

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