James Marsden Comments on Westworld’s ‘Disappointing’ Cancellation

After the shocking cancellation of HBO’s Westworldstar James Marsden spoke, saying that the financial success of a show should not be the only thing that determines its value.

Talked to The Hollywood ReporterMarsden said it was “disappointing” how Westworld ended, and despite appreciating his experience, it would have been nice to finish the show’s story.

“I’d be lying to you if I told you that’s how we ended up.” Westworld not a disappointment,” Marsden said. “I would never speak without gratitude about any of my experiences, but it would have been nice to complete the story that we wanted to end. I like this Westworld family. It’s one of those rare opportunities to be a part of something where I too will be sitting at home waiting for the next episode as a fan.

Marsden went on to say that he knows that decisions about movies often come down to money alone, but he wishes it wasn’t like that.

“I fully understand that this is an expensive show, and big shows have to have a lot of viewers to cover the cost,” Marsden said. “I just hope it’s more than a financial success. But who knows – maybe there is a world where it will be completed somehow. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking because I know we have a plan to end it the way we want.”

Westworld onin the dystopian sci-fi drama, based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name. It is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the birth of a new form of life on Earth. It centers around a technologically-advanced amusement park, where a human-like android host is programmed to fulfill every high-paid visitor’s wish and desire.

The fourth season stars Evan Rachel Wood, Emmy winner Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Angela Sarafyan, and James Marsden. The additional cast includes Oscar winner Ariana DeBose, Aurora Perrineau, and Daniel Wu.

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