Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Unusually Famous Husband Calling Her In The Room

Jamie Lee Curtis has known himself for himself in his annual career, but has another name that he sometimes hears at all the wrong times.

On Monday, Oct. 4, the 62-year-old Kills on Halloween actress visit The Last Appearance, where he told the host James Corden and band leader Reggie Watts that he used to go to “Jamie Curtis” before his career launched, and that he didn’t include his nickname until he reached his peak.

After asking Watts if he was no longer without “Lee,” the star replied, “Oh, yes – many, many, many times. That was me until I became an actor. I can never call myself that three. -name of the person. That sounds small. “

Curtis, whose parents were later Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, explained that he didn’t at first like the name “Jamie” because the kids teased him about the sound of a boy.

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