Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Britney’s “Complicated” Relationship

But, Britney somewhat backward next day, Jan. 15.

In a recent Twitter statement, the “Toxic” singer wrote in part, “Jamie Lynn … I think your book isn’t about me at all … I said some violent ones thing because you obviously hurt me with things.You did the part of me !!! When I said that only a human being would do things like that about a human being, I could have sworn that I was like ‘but you don’t.’ “

“I know you’ve worked hard for your life and you’ve done amazing !!!!!” Britney continued her tweet aimed at Jamie Lynn. But I think we both have to agree with the fact that the family has never been as hard on you as they were on me !!! What Dad did to me, they don’t even commit criminals … so for you to sit back and act completely away from what happened to me is honesty. [sic] nabuang nako !!! “

Until a judge completed Britney’s conservatorship, she and Jamie Lynn’s father, Jamie Spears, there are many control in Britney’s financial and personal life — an arrangement that she described as “abusive” when speaking out against him and the rest of his family in 2021.

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