Jamie xx The “End of the Mix” New Album

Oh my “Gosh,” Jamie xx is the “final mix” of his new album, the follow-up to the 2015 electronic classic In Color. As member xx said triple j Mornings, the project has contributions from The Avalanches.

“I’m in ‘finishing mixing’ mode. And I won’t be long,” he said, before confirming, “Yes, this is my next album.”

He added that the songs “have years in the making. I realize I’m slow, and that’s ok. And I really enjoyed the process of it. And I did Oliver too RECORDS from the band and make of last xx album in between, so it didn’t feel as long, but it just allowed me to get everything I wanted.

Fans may have already heard glimpses of the new project. Last year he released two singles, “LET’S DO IT AGAIN,” and “KILL THEM.” In 2020, he also released a solo song, “I don’t know”.

Jamie says he finds inspiration “DJing and looking for old records, and I’ve got a lot of samples. I worked a little bit with The Avalanches before the pandemic for them last album and we seem to continue. Just seeing the process of how they work, how they sample — I mean, they’ve always been an inspiration to me. Working on the same track with them heralded a different way of making music a little bit for me.

He seemed to enjoy their collaboration for his album: “They’re just doing something new. This is not a straight sample. They put their own emotion into something that already exists and it’s so new and so them. Watch a snippet of the interview below.

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