Jana Kramer Becomes IG Official With Boyfriend Ian and Shares PDA Pics

Murag Jana Kramer found love again!

On January 11, Jana faced her fears and she added a carousel of Instagram photos showing her packing a PDA with her new boyfriend, Jan..

In one pic, the couple is seen kissing while wearing a matching pink swimsuit aboard a boat. On the other hand, the couple seemed to be smiling in the kitchen together.

“Sometimes you have to stop fighting it and listen to your heart,” he captioned the series of snaps. “I don’t know what’s coming and really who’s doing it.”

“Every day I keep getting better and I know there’s a lot more work to do, but damn it’s so nice to find joy along the way,” Jana continues. “To find someone who doesn’t view your wounds as a challenge or problem but can help you hold on to it and stand there to inspire you with love, energy and empathy along the way.”

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