Janelle Monáe Joins the Incorporated Cast of Knives Out Sequel

Janelle Monáe is the latest hero / suspect / smaller-donut-to-have-its-own hole to join the cast of Knives 2, As The Hollywood Reporter notes

The original Knives bowed in 2019 and became one of the most beloved mysteries in comics since 1985 signs. With an ensemble of cracks, whip whip writing, and at least one full sweater, my launched a thousand memes and encouraged Netflix to come out $ 450 million for the two that followed. In the process, the streamer seduces the writer-director Rian Johnson away from him planned Star Wars trilogy.

The first series has already enlisted the services of Daniel Craig as strangely accent detective Benoit Blanc. But in recent days, the film has been dropping the names of the cast members each as confirmatory clues, before added Dave Bautista, ug then Edward Norton.

Nothing is said about how Monáe resisted the puzzle. But the singer has become a more in-demand artist, recently joining Antebellum and Amazon’s return, as well as lending his voice to Disney +’s transformation Lady and the Trump. Knives 2 is expected to start filming in Greece this summer.

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