Jason Delane Lee and Yvonne Huff Lee in Race, Adoption and Identity | Black Writers Week

JL: Let’s be honest. It’s not just getting. It endured. To survive in many cases, you need to measure yourself to fit a specific account.

YL: Do you think your half-sister is trying to survive?

JL: No. This is an assumption. I will respond with empathy and compassion in my heart. I have no ill will toward them. Honestly, I think he was more involved with his mother than trying to survive. He works in the tech space. He has a good job. Historically, have we all tried to survive? Yes. I mean, any hour you come out, I’ll tell you it’s a black man. Any hour I go out, I can always think of where I am. There is always a work of salvation for all of us in this scene. But there is also an identity, existential survival, I think, that is more at play than an actual physical survival. To be himself. But if you know … And this is what we talked about again at one point, right? Like, if his mom is German, that’s your recognition, then. Okay ra. That’s okay. Right? I am a historian. I am not a psychiatrist. So I don’t want to be a fake as I have some answers here. But yes, I would say he was trying to survive, but I don’t think he was trying to survive physically. I think he was trying mentally to stay connected to the survival of his mother he lived with. Historicism is about passing on all the different elements, sexuality, immigration, gender, you name it. Race.

YL: Social roles, social identity.

JL: In keeping with the dominant culture. How do you fit into the culture and how long will you play the game to try to fit into that dominant culture?

YL: Yeah? Before it tears your soul.

JL: Before it separates you.

YL: And that’s a segue to bringing in our guests, Chaz Ebert and Brenda Robinson, executive producers of “Passing”. I’m really excited to talk to these two women who are definitely facing this question of who we need to be in these spaces that aren’t traditionally created for us.

JL: People, what Yvonne didn’t mention today is that she’s also an executive producer of “Passing” with these two amazing women, and I received a special thank you, which I’m very proud of.

YL: We enjoyed the harvest. Very nice.

JL: Brenda Robinson is a producer and philanthropist. He is currently the board chair of Film Independent and a partner of Gamechanger Films. Robinson, also a member of the Film Financing Collective Impact Partners an Oscar -winning documentary financier “Icarus“with us, among other projects. Her executive producer credits include Rebecca Hall’s” Passing “,” United Skates “and the upcoming” Empire of Ebony “documentary directed by Lisa Cortez. She was previously vice chair of Film Independent, and also has roles including serving on the board of the Representation Project established by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and advisor to the Redford Center and board chair of the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. He is also a member of the Recording Academy and the Academy of MoBon Pictures Arts and Sciences.

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